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Long hard rifle case | Black hardshell protective gun/shotgun/rifle carry case with locks & handles

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Internal Dimensions

530 * 210 * 90 mm


External Dimensions

558 * 261 * 100 mm

Bottom Depth

65 mm

Lid Depth

25 mm

Waterproof No
Material Polypropylene alloy
Wheels No


18% GST extra

  Internal dimensions

  530 * 210 * 90 mm (20.87 * 8.27 * 3.54 inches)

  External dimensions

  558 * 261 * 100    mm (21.97 * 10.28 * 3.94 inches)

  Bottom Depth

  65 mm (2.56 inches)

  Lid Depth

  25 mm (0.98 inches)







  Foam type

  Optional cubed form for bottom, egg foam for lid

  Item weight

  1.54 Kgs

  Package Dimensions


  Package weight


Long Hard Rifle Case With Foam Inserts

EPICASE hard rifle case with foams inserts & locks are the perfect protective cases for hunting. The hard rifle case can also be purchased for shotguns, other guns, pistols & shooting weapons. The long rifle case is made of polypropylene alloy and is watertight. EPICASE rifle & gun cases are designed keeping the heaviness of military equipment & standards. The hard carry case is molded of ultrahigh-strength, is dust-proof, waterproof, crush-proof, and weather resistant. You can also order single scoped or double scoped rifle hard case from our wide range of MAX gun cases.

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How Good is EPICASE?

Most of our equipment hard carry cases & storage boxes have an Ingress protection level of IP67. These hard plastic carry cases are dustproof and watertight seals up to one meter and one-hour duration. This small carrying case comes with an automatic pressure equalization valve, cubed foam insert for the bottom, and egg foam for the lid area and allows for customizing the foam interior as per your needs.

Epicase hard carry cases are built with easy-open double throw latches and strong hinges come with a one-year limited warranty. On request, EPICASE can also offer customized foam inserts in a variety of color combinations to enhance the appearance and looks of the inside of the hardshell waterproof plastic hard case to assure you that our custom foam inserts will complement and elevate the product presentation, in addition to providing added safety and protection to your valuable equipment.

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