About Us

About Us

EPICASE offers a complete selection of protective cases , presentation cases , carry cases, instrument cases to suit a variety of applications, with the added exclusive option to have the interior of the case customised with custom made foam inserts and foam packing. EPICASE is your one-stop store for all equipment storage and protection needs.

  1. Equipment Protective Hard Cases – Waterproof Cases, Extreme Duty
  2. Medium Duty Protective Hard Cases – Non Waterproof Cases, Medium Duty
  3. Customised Interiors – Custom Cut Foam Modules and Foam Inserts

EPICASE understands the industry need to protect and secure all types of sensitive equipments, military equipments, instruments, cameras, drones, exhibit items, presentation articles etc.

We offer a wide selection of carry-cases, which includes the extreme duty Equipment Protective cases and the medium duty Protective cases to cater to almost all types of applications.

Our EXTREME DUTY EQUIPMENT PROTECTIVE CASES are rugged and durable cases, which can withstand every challenge of rough handling and extreme environmental conditions. Most of our Extreme duty Equipment cases have an Ingress protection level of IP67. EPICASE Equipment Protective cases are comparable with PELICAN, SKB, B&W cases, HPRC , with an attractive lower price.

Our MEDIUM DUTY EQUIPMENT PROTECTIVE CASES are offered in different sizes to cater to a variety of applications such as for presentation exhibits, instrument sales kits, demonstration kits, sales and marketing kits, storage of consumer goods and many more such applications.

EPICASE is one of the few companies that can offer storage/ transit , Equipment Protective Hard Cases with the option of having a customised FOAM PACKING solution on the inside, to have added protection to your products , while also providing an organized and visually appealing layout for your products. We can also offer the customised foam in a variety of colour combinations to enhance the appearance and looks of the inside of the case. We can assure you that our custom foam inserts will compliment and elevate the product presentation, in addition to providing added safety and protection to your valuable products.

With option to choose from one of the largest in-stock PLASTIC carry case inventories in the industry and with over 50 case sizes to choose from, we can ship in-stock cases for immediate delivery.

Apart from choosing from our wide range of protective case selections, if you prefer, send us your parts, and we will turnkey your case packaging project with custom foam inserts, cut to your product dimensions for a perfect part fit.

EPICASE offers the Protective cases made of PP Alloy (Polypropylene).

Our Protective Cases Are Widely Used For The Below Applications , To Name A Few.


About Us

EPICASE offers a complete selection of protective cases , presentation cases , carry cases, instrument cases to suit a variety of applicatio...

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