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5 Apr, 2021

The Best Hard Gun Cases You Can Count On

Rifle & gun owners have been looking out for some of the best hard gun cases to keep these heavily expensive equipment protected from damage and moisture. Good gun cases for pistols, handguns, shotguns not only accommodate the weapons but also hold their accompanying gears and accessories.


Whether transporting, storing, or traveling by car, train or airplane, your shooting equipment needs protection from damage, scratches, and rust. Of course scratches may not affect their performance but rust and dropping on the ground definitely will. And “proper storage” is the answer to all your concerns of owning a gun.





The Best Rifle & Gun Cases To Choose From

Hardshell waterproof cases from EPICASE and MAX Cases Italy are the two best options you have in case your search for “gun carry case” has just begun or if you’re looking to replace an existing case or the worst case - you’ve ordered a wrong case for your gun.

  1. EPICASE Hard Gun Carrying Cases

EPICASE gun cases are all-weather, watertight cases that defend your firearms from any threat of damage. They are best suited for medium to high impact environments. If you’re carrying your weapons to a shooting range, or hunting, or traveling, Epicase gun cases are ideal to be carried anywhere with you. The case range also includes long carry cases which are specifically designed for rifles. The long hard rifle cases are meant to store shotguns, air rifles, and short rifles.











Foam For Gun Cases

The gun carrying cases also come with custom foam inserts to help you easily organize and tightly secure the weapons inside the case. You can additionally request for custom foam cutting service according to the size and model of your firearm. Coming to the quality of these cases, they are unparalleled to international brands like Pelican cases, SKB cases, explorer cases, Nanuk cases, and B&W carry cases.


Gun/Rifle Cases With Wheels

Epicase has a wide range of hard rolling rifle cases that can be purchased with new foam inserts. The cases are ideal for individuals who are looking for single or double scoped rifle cases. The polypropylene material gives the exterior of the cases a hard shell body. The case comes with strong locks, hinges & handles for easy handling and management. The hard carry cases are not just meant for carrying guns or rifles they in fact can be as multi-purpose equipment cases.

2. MAX Gun Cases Italy

MAX hard gun carrying cases are another best alternative to go with. The gun cases are made in Italy and come with a lifetime warranty. The cases are watertight and provide superior protection from elements, dust, and water. You can carry a MAX gun case while transporting your valuable firing objects. These cases can be used for a wide range of applications such as Maring, photography, outdoor sports, scuba diving, medical equipment, military equipment, industrial instruments etc. and not just be limited for weapons.













In India, you can order MAX cases right from Epicase here. They also come with an option to order custom foam inserts. Apart from guns, these long cases can also be used to carry long industrial equipments and musical instruments like flutes, guitars, etc.

Why You Need to Buy These Hard Gun Carrying Cases

  • It is an absolute necessity to store your guns.
  • To make your firearms inaccessible to unauthorized users with a strong locking system.
  • To avoid bumps, bangs, and damage.
  • To give your expensive firearms a prolonged life.
  • To avoid the abuse your rifle takes in a highly impactful environment.
  • To avoid rust and weather impact.
  • To avoid shattering performance of the guns.

If you have finally made up your mind go ahead and explore gun cases or contact us for any questions and queries you may have.

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