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29 May, 2021

Musical Instrument Cases 101 - A Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a Guitarist or a Flutist, you should be aware that all musical instruments have one thing in common - the need of a protective case. From small or large, every instrument requires the highest level of protection against damage. With countless hard case manufacturers offering a huge variety of protective cases, how do you know which option is best for you? So, here are the factors to consider before you choose the best carry case for guitars or flutes.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Guitar Case or a Flute Case:


  • Fit

One of the most important things to ensure with a flute or guitar hard case is that your instrument fits in it precisely. Once you place your instrument in the case it should not move around inside at all. If the instrument moves around, the chances of damage are plenty if the case gets bumped or dropped. You should also ensure that your instrument sits flat in the case and there is no pressure on any part of the instrument, especially the neck when it's a guitar.




  • Quality and Material

There’s no point in purchasing a hard case if your instrument isn’t going to be protected. If the case exterior gives in at the push of your hand then the case isn’t strong enough. The hard case justifies its strength with durability it offers and the material it is made of. You should be choosing cases that are solid and don’t give under pressure. Plastic instrument carrying cases are lightweight, durable and come with strong clips for holding the case closed which makes them the best option for instrument protection.



  • Price

Musical instrument cases are pricey and their repairs even costlier. Know or not, the protective cases come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and price range. When it comes to “how much should I spend?” The answer is always over to your affordability and the type of case you’re looking for. There are both super expensive and affordable options to choose from. If you own a $3000 guitar you might as well invest in a good case. You don't strictly have to though. However, the difference between your musical instrument and its protection is an expensive repair bill.




There are highly durable and hardshell cases from EPICASE designed to give ultimate protection to your instruments that vary in a different price range suitable for any budget.


  • Product life 

Irrespective of the budget you want to spend for the hard case one of the major features you would expect is a longer life. There are high quality instrument hard cases that are heavy, easy to carry, and live for years together. Such cases are always an ideal choice for the purchase. And EPICASE hard cases are a perfect balance of quality and durability.



EPICASE is one of the premium manufacturers of equipment hard cases in India. Our cases are rugged, durable which can withstand every challenge of rough handling and extreme environmental conditions. EPICASE can also offer customized foam in a variety of color combinations to enhance the appearance and looks of the inside of the plastic hard case to assure you that our custom foam inserts will complement and elevate the product presentation, in addition to providing added safety and protection to your valuable equipment.

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