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3 Mar, 2021

Best Drone Carry Case Your Drone Will Thank You For

Whether you own a drone or thinking of buying one, an important consideration you have to make is its protection and safety. Drones are expensive and their safety has to be first on the list of other priorities. A drone carry case should be one of the safety checks on the list to easily transport this flying device. 

Drones come in different shapes and sizes, and protecting them from damage is crucial. Depending on the size and shape of the drone you own, it is important to settle on the best case possible. But before you can even think about investing, you need to look for the best option and the brand that guarantees ultimate protection of the equipment like EPICASE.


drone carry case from EPICASE

First things first, you can hardly find any hard cases that are ideally meant for carrying drones. So, keep in mind a drone carry case doesn’t have to be a “drone case”. Any hardshell protective plastic case can be designed to store your drone and its equipment with foam inserts that can be cut evenly to place your flying device.

There are both hard and soft cases available in the market to store your device safely. But which one of the two provides ultimate protection against damage? Preferably the hard cases. They are manufactured with top-quality injection-molded plastic that makes the interior and exterior hard shell. The hard equipment carry cases are watertight, airtight, weather-resistant, and withstand challenging environments. The hard cases meet several quality standards and are meant for air as well as marine travel.


Black hard carry case with foam inside

What to Look for in a hardshell drone carrying case?

  • The outer material - will it protect against damage?
  • Crush-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Shock-resistant
  • Foam inserts according to the equipment
  • The carrying capacity
  • Durability


Custom Foam Inserts for Drone Cases

One important feature your drone case should have is the custom cut foam that goes inside the case. The foam has to be cut evenly and according to the equipment that fits in. Epicase has reputation for custom foam cutting service for all its hard equipment cases. And below are a few of our products delivered to fellow drone and camera owners:


Drone case with custom foam insertsuniversal drone carrying case from EPICASECustom foam insert cut for droneRolling hard camera case with foam & camera equipment


Protect Your Drone

Safeguarding your drone from unforeseen damages is a must. And protective hard carry cases that are rugged yet stylish are the need of the hour. Explore the best options for your flying device.

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